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Published in a Magazine?!

Published: Dec 25, 2016

My very first magazine feature in TAoPaN Magazine!! {The Art of Pregnancy and Newborn}. The Art of Pregnancy and Newborn has over 18,000 community members of professional photographers from all over the world. To access a copy, visit The TAoPaN Magazine and click the issue. Our holiday theme portrait is featured toward the back cover of the magazine.

My client, a beautiful newborn named Brynlee was featured in TAoPaN’s nationally published magazine this month! I submitted 5 of my favorite holiday themed images and they selected this lovely image of Brynlee in a gift box. In this special holiday edition, there were 53 photographers featured as well as over 80 breathtaking images. This was my very first photography submission and I am delighted to be featured among other inspiring and seasoned photographers from around the world. Seriously, such an honor!

Moments like these remind me to be thankful. To stop and realize that I am where I am supposed to be and I can be confident in what I have set out to do. To strive for my very best and follow my creativity to see where it leads. It may only be one image in a magazine, but for a photographer that is surrounded in a saturated market, this means more than you could ever imagine.

Big thanks to Stormy Anderson for allowing me the honor of photographing her daughter Brynlee in the studio this past month. Without her I wouldn't have had this gorgeous image to submit. I am beyond thrilled and deeply honored to have one of my images published. Thank you to all of my friends, family and clients for believing in me and supporting me.

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