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Why printed portraits are so much more important than digital images

Updated: May 21, 2021

In today’s digital era, many people think the camera built into their iPhones and their at-home printer are all they need to capture the world in a picture. The convenience and ease at which people can take pictures has them forgetting about the true essence of picture taking before smartphones. Just because something is quick and easy doesn’t mean it’s long lasting or a quality product. We live in a world of instant gratification – if it can’t be produced in 10 minutes, people move onto the next website.

It’s important to take a moment and reflect on the true forms of art in the world around us, and how hard, cold copies of photos, books, and paintings are far more infinite than their digital copies. Digital files can be corrupted. CDs can break, soil, and degrade. USBs are easily lost and misplaced. The average CD’s lifespan is only 10 years – yet the average lifespan of a professional print is 100 years. The photos in your family’s possession from over 100 years ago give you a special, priceless look at the past, at your family, and at history. Our grandchildren should have the same opportunity when they ask what you looked like when you were only 10 years old.

The safest place to invest in images is with professional prints. It is an epidemic in our society today that children have little, if none, portraits of themselves hanging around the home. Displaying portraits is scientifically proven to boost a child’s self worth. It gives them a lens at which to track their lives and their progress. It allows them to remember the past while evolving into the future.

At Nicole Ferris Photography, we sell printed portraits with archival materials and special UV protection. The most durable photo option available today, printed portraits will transcend time and see themselves into the future. Invest in capturing your favorite moments of today with a 100% guarantee that they’ll last far into the future – you won’t regret it.

Contact me today to book your portrait session and create heirlooms for your family to enjoy for generations!

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