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Digital Dilemma

Updated: May 21, 2021

We all have hundreds if not thousands of photos captured from the most important memories in our lives. All of those once in a lifetime events that you can never get back. So what do you do with them? With more than 90% of today's photographs captured digitally, the question of what you do with them becomes very apparent. In the days of film this question was easily answered. You develop the film, print the images, and put them in an album or collection box. However, today we upload them to social media for sharing and then throw the USB in a drawer. I hate to tell you this but you better not stop there!

Digital photos are much more vulnerable than film photos. Of course film photos must be protected too but for the most part, we can store them in albums or lock up and file them away to keep them safe. If you only keep your images in a hard drive or USB though, a simple hard drive failure could wipe out everything! All of those precious portraits of your children, grandchildren, that once in a lifetime wedding, or even the birth of your child, gone in an instant. More often then not, nothing can be done to retrieve those lost images. Your photos are priceless to you, so you need to back them up!

Unfortunately, we recently had our own disaster after upgrading our equipment, we began to take on the long task of backing up our files to new hard drives when we suddenly lost everything. No warning and nothing we could do to stop it. Over 20,000 images were suddenly GONE! -and we panicked.

If you have ever had any type of computer, hard drive failure or file corruption, you will not forget it. As we fumbled around with recovery software and system diagnostic tools, we struck a bit of luck and were able to recover close to 5,000 of the missing images. The digital world can be great, don't get me wrong. You just need to be aware of how easily those files can be lost forever. -remember those things called floppy discs? Make sure you always store your photos in a safe place and most importantly, don't forget to print them! Chances are you will enjoy them more than that piece of plastic technology.

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