Kids & Teens Summer Workshops

This 4-day workshop is designed for children age 8-12 and teenagers age 13-17

This fun workshop teaches teens and kids how to use the elements of photography to take better shots and develop their interest in the art of digital photography. They will not only learn how to use their camera but why. Understanding why they are adjusting the settings on their camera will make sense so they can achieve the look and feel of what they would like to create. Different types of photography are explored such as landscapes, studio, and portrait photography.


There is a cap of 10 attendees and a minimum of 5 attendees are required for the workshop to take place.

Our Itinerary

(6-8pm) Monday we will begin the workshop by introducing everyone and getting to know each other. After we settle in we will start with taking each student's headshot for their class badges. We will then learn about the history of photography and review the photographer's toolkit. Students will get to pass around different equipment to familiarize themselves and ask questions. We will end the day with a few activities.

(6-8pm) Tuesday we will begin the class with learning about the features and functions of your digital camera. Today we get to play with the settings and explore your white balance and exposure. When we finish studying ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture, we will play the 3 Kings card game to review.


(6-8pm) Wednesday we will review camera settings, exposure, and white balance before moving on to learning about composition. To review our new skills we will go on a camera walk around Old Town practicing what was learned.


(6-8pm) Thursday is the last day of the workshop. We'll start with a quick review and then discuss different lighting situations. We will briefly talk about posing as we move into a posing activity. Students will rotate through the lines taking turns being in front of the camera posing and being the photographer. We will complete the workshop with a discussion on the different careers available in photography and play a game.

What should you bring?

All students need a camera that has a manual mode and will allow you to adjust ISO, shutter speed, and aperture. Please also bring an SD memory card, a notebook and a pen.​

Topics Covered

- Overview of History of Photography
- Photographer’s Tool Kit
- Essentials of Exposure (Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO)
- Camera Settings
- Composition
- Lighting, Landscapes & People
- Careers in Photography

The Cost

Cost includes 4 days tuition with 8 hours of instruction.

Kids Photography Workshop: $100 per student age 8-12

Teens Photography Workshop: $100 per student age 13-17


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